I'm 25, married, owner of two kitties and a costumier!

Made mostly for posting progress and completion photos of my costumes. Also expect kitty photos and sneaky shots from work.

I've both judged and competed in competitions and have previously represented the UK in the first Eurocosplay! I pick stupidly detailed costumes and spend far too much money on them. Someone should probably stop me.
I also work on the new ABC show Galavant! It's awesome! Everyone should watch it!

Always happy to answer questions!

My wonderful mum pressed and framed my pokemon cross stitch! It looks so nice now, I just have to find a place to hang it!

This weekend was one of my best friends birthday (I say this weekend, it’s actually today but sadly we’re all boring adults most of the time and have to work), and so we went to their house to stay over and roleplay. It was utterly hilarious, but best of all was the amazing cheesecake we had in place of birthday cake, and the dry ice that came with the cakes that we used as a roleplay prop!

The cheesecake was from the english cheesecake company and comes very highly recommended! Sadly one of the presents I got her didn’t come on time (though did come today!), but I did get to tell her about a rather special present that will *fingers crossed* come to fruition in November. Won’t say much on it now, but expect great flailing if my skills are up to the task!

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